I looked for several ways to set the blog as multilanguage, but for the time I have found only the way to show up the flags of the languages in which an article is written, as you click con the flag of the language chosen, you will be bring to the section of that languge. I […]

At Christmas 2013 I used the collection of points of Esselunga to gain a present for both the child and the dad… tickets for Genoa acquarium. Since that Chrismas tickets rest on the shelf with disparate justifications: “there is too people”, “there is too hot”, “we have to prepare”… Now, at the end, will arrive the […]

I start this travel blog with the most recent travel we have done, despite it lasted only one day. So, what is Lucca Comics&Games? It is a yearly festival in Lucca which started 35 years ago and recently it moved in the city center. The festival has mainly five areas: one for comics, one for […]