The original title when I shared on facebook this state was “Day 3 or how to die in beauty.” Yeah, because this day is dedicated to visiting one of the largest museums in which I was, if not the greatest ever.

La piramide capovolta... NON si entra da qui con il pass

The inverted pyramid… you DON’T enter here with the pass

From here we take the subway to Les Piramides, where we arrived more or less at 10 am. We head straight for the inverted pyramid to reach the entrance, but staff tells us that one dedicated to the Paris Pass is located above. Let’s go back alongside souvenir shops and chocolates and we go out, going to the glass pyramid where winding two tails: the longest is for those who are not in possession of the Pass, and that will have to wait a long time to come, the other is so short that it is almost nonexistent.

There they do control at the metal detector and go down to the floor below where there are other queues to make the ticket, it takes a while ‘before we understand how to use the pass and get an audio guide and then we get to wait our turn to one of the ticket office. We ask two audio guides in Italian and possibly ask us if we want a “pushchair” rented for free from the museum … what the hell is a pushchair? From my broken English I can understand that it is in a wheelchair and we thank declining the invitation. From there we go to the floor above via an escalator and we put ourselves in line for the audio guide.

Already I imagine that the audio guide is the usual handset to keep the ear, but surprise us: it is a nintendo 3DS XL that is set on our language (as you may have noticed it is not obvious) and we are asked in exchange for a document. The cost of the audio is only € 5 each and you can book both cases that the totem near the bench, but on this set are three basic paths of which we have chosen two: the path of the masterpieces and that of Egyptian children with curiosity.

Let’s start with the first course that explains how the Louvre was born and built  and on the screen you can see the map on which you are detected by GPS and the path and then you come in front of a sphinx. From here we follow the course of history and take in the Greek and Roman sculptures (unfortunately we did not stop to see the Etruscan) and photos are wasted. Yes, the pictures, because unlike the Italian museums, in France you can photograph anything you want as long as you do not use flash.

Busto perfetto in ogni dettaglio

Bust perfect in every detail

We admire the Venus of Milo, Artemis the Huntress, whose bow was lost in the recovery of the statue, and it seems that Hermaphrodite sleep on a soft mattress is not of marble from what is smooth and shiny. Hermaphrodite is located next to the statue of Cupid and Psyche, which we did several pictures to collect all the love of the two figures. As we wander between rooms, wrong way and we are left in the halls of the Italian Renaissance, where Michelangelo’s Prisoners conquer a large share of the hall. But these are not so much that capture our attention, as the busts to the side, perfect in every lace marble.

The dovey is divided between the adored tit, works of art, a plum, which we check carefully that she not throw the stone on the ground, and the audio guide of her mother whom tries to steal in every way.

La Nike di Samotracia

The Nike of Samothrace

Scolded by the guide for the historical digression, we return to the road and we face a long staircase on which stands the Nike of Samothrace. For me, I saw only on the books of history of art is a shock to find me in front of this giant of 8 meters, 5 of which only the statue, while I thought of being in front of a statue of 10-20 cm. As the audio guide explains, the statue is a bold project: wings long a couple of meters are attached only to the back, without any support for the weight, while the garments seem wet and, together with the left leg backward, push all ‘excess dynamism of the figure.

We continue in the gallery of Apollo and in the round vestibule we stop to rest and observe the outside and statues that adorn all the cornice, on the ceiling of which are represented on the day and night, in addition to the nine muses and zodiac signs. In this room there is represented Louis XIV, the Sun King, which was then a revolutionary idea, and at the center of the room are grouped numerous cups and glasses in hard stone.

We return in front of the Nike and we enter the gallery of Italian painters. Here are the works of authors such as Caravaggio and Leonardo da Vinci. The walls are crowded with people, and we rely on our guide to watch the most interesting works, such as the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian and various virgin with the child. A room opens to the right and here is a crowd of people in front of a wall with a simple framework: is the Mona Lisa, which attracted crowds of visitors since it was stolen the first time and is protected by a cordon, a wooden balustrade and a protective glass. Approach is long and people pushing as if there were no tomorrow, the dovey begins to turn red from the heat and lack of air. Finally we make us a bit of space and some grainy photos and pass over the cord to exit.


“Le Nozze di Cana”, Veronese

From there we enjoy the audio guide that explains the other paintings that are in the room and on the wall in front of the Mona Lisa are the “Wedding at Cana” by Veronese. This “little” picture was “only” 90 square meters, as my flat with all its attachments, portrays the scene from the Gospel in a Venetian landscape, in which the musicians are some contemporary painters Veronese and himself. The act of turning water into wine is put into the background compared to the jubilant and we continue with our journey towards the end of the tour of the masterpieces. We are still waiting for the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, which was painted also the mother for propaganda purposes although this was not present and could not stand Josephine, and the framework of the “Raft of the Medusa”. As soon as I saw this picture I wanted to stop for the audio guide because I was very impressed when I studied it at school. Represents an event actually happened with stark realism : the raft with the survivors who had to give even to cannibalism to survive.

At the end of this hall is also a small bar / restaurant where people are already queuing up to have lunch and see the waiter back and forth, calling any small groups of tables for a given number of places. When you call a place for two we come forward and reading the menu we opt for a couple of salads which also dovey tastes and we see that the sandwich ranked by the next table are exactly like those of the vending machines of the stations. After a refreshing lunch we marched with the second path: that of children.

La barca di una divinità

The boat of a deity

We return to the sphinx of the starting and the route is structured as a long game between the windows and paintings. There is explained the history of Egypt from the point of view of a scribe and in the nintendo you can have games like find some things among the papyri, see a reconstruction of the temple of Luxor and find objects in the display cases discussed there.

Among the various items shown there are also some of the furniture of a house, which could count on a bed for the richest, a mat and speakers, and there are many coffins and sarcophagi present. There is also the inner sanctum of a temple and in front of this is the boat that can be seen nearby. To the Egyptians, the sky was a huge river on which boats passing of the sun, the moon and the gods and from this river was falling water of the rains and floods of the Nile. To promote the flooding of the Nile and a good harvest twice a year this boat was carried in procession through the city streets.

Close to the sarcophagi, hidden by a wall, there is a mummy still wrapped in bandages and amulets and below her was the sarcophagus. The trip to Egypt ends with the assistants of the dead, the many small statues that were placed in the tomb to assist the deceased, and one of the longest books of the dead never found: six meters about formulas to facilitate the passing of the deceased and make him reach fields of the gods.

Il codice di Hammurabi

Il codice di Hammurabi

As we return to the outside we encounter the Middle Eastern area and we can not stop within the walls blue of the Ishtar Gate and from there I am looking for one of the things that I have more and more interested in the historical field: the Code of Hammurabi, the oldest legal text.
I already knew the law that if a innkeeper was found to water down the beer would have been thrown into the Tigris, but the audio guide provides us with another point in the code: if an adopted child to the adoptive father says “you’re not my father” or mother, “you’re not my mother,” you have to cut his tongue.

After five hours of museum we are exhausted and while Simone goes to return the audio guide, and I and Dovey collapse against the wall, looking at how many are going to come in and making a slight smile.

Uno degli arazzi della dama e l'unicorno

One of the tapestries of the Lady and the Unicorn

Our day to museums is not still ended. We go to take the RER to the gardens of Luxembourg, although not visit them because it’s raining, and we head towards another museum, the one of the medieval history that lies on the ancient Gallo-Roman baths. The first part of the museum is dedicated to Christian and Middle Ages art, with many statues and mosaics arranged against the walls of the spa whose walls rise higher than those of Pompeii. The museum winds through many rooms containing religious art, Roman art, a room dedicated to tapestries of the cycle of the girl with the unicorn in which are represented the five senses along with the sixth, and the room dedicated to the weapons.

By now we are full of museums and check the map to go back to the hotel. The weather does not improve from the morning and reach the pantheon in hopes of finding the metro, but we are on the wrong side and it takes about fifteen minutes and we are in the warmth of our room. But we still have dinner and head to the Royal Jussieau where we already were fine, we still have our place on the corner and Dovey can go back and forth without disturbing the service, but after this day but pretty tiring all collapse into bed.

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